Ngo consultancy in Delhi
Ngo consultancy in Delhi
Crystal Consultancy is a renowned organization running in Delhi since last 11 years offering a wide range of services in the field of ngo registration and documentation related work of NGOs.
80g registration
80g registration
Get your NGO registered under section 12A and section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961. 80G gives 50% tax rebate to donors and 12A gives life time tax exemption to NGOs.
Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976 makes the NGO to accept foreign funding. FCRA registration of any non government ngo can be done if it is least 3 years old.
NGO Projects for funding
NGO Projects for funding
Please feel free to contact us for all sorts of project formulated related to any ministry.
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NGO Consultancy is working for furnishing specialized & lawful administrations to help Non Government Organizations (Ngo).we conduct give consultancy in better places and urban communities in India on Project Report, legitimate, specialized and gathering pledges angles for Non Government Organizations (NGO). While directing these practice, we are watching that numerous NGO’s are frail in lawful exercises, they are working for last such a large number of year for the wellbeing of the social order without Trust Registration and other legitimate customs, for example, 12a, 80g, 35ac, FCRA and other salary charge numbers. NGO Consultancy has a group of committed masters giving the planet class administrations in NGO consultancy at your entryway step.

In a quickly advancing nation, for example India, Ngos (non administrative associations) are progressively assuming an adjusting part between the state and subjects to guarantee the last’s simple access to essential rights and state/central governments developmental plans. Being an interface between the normal individuals and government organization, a NGO’s part in streamlining the administrations for the masses is basic for the solid working of any majority rules system. Kick beginning a NGO presupposes comprehension of certain systems and laws. Without much fanfare we take you through the strategy for setting up and enrolling a NGO in Go.


Ngos in India are enlisted under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, which is a focal Act. Consistent with Section 20 of the Act, the accompanying society orders might be enlisted: altruistic society orders, military vagrant trusts or society orders, society orders secured for the advancement of science, writing, or the fine crafts, for direction, the dispersion of functional information, the dissemination of political training, the establishment or upkeep of libraries or perusing spaces for general use around the parts or open to general society, or open display centers and exhibitions of sketches and different gems, accumulation of characteristic history, mechanical and philosophical contrivances, instruments or outlines. In Go destinations other than these are likewise permitted.

NGO Registration

Lodging the biggest number of dynamic non administrative – Voluntary organizations, roughly 3.3 million, India is having a NGO for each 400 individuals. While the legislature is the biggest giver for these organizations, private area organizations are yet to wander genuinely into gift. India has conceivably the biggest number of dynamic non-administrative, non-benefit associations on the planet. A later study done by the legislature put the amount of such associations, represented work 2009, at 3.3 million. That is just about one NGO for each 400 Indians, and ordinarily the amount of elementary schools and essential health centre in India.

A non-administrative association (NGO) is a legitimately constituted association made by common or lawful persons that works freely from any type of government. The term began from the United Nations (UN), and is ordinarily used to allude to associations that are not a part of the administration and are not routine for-benefit business. In the cases in which Ngos are subsidized completely or halfway by governments, the NGO keeps up its non-legislative status by rejecting government agents from participation in the association. The term is generally connected just to associations that seek after more extensive social points that have political perspectives, however are not candidly political associations, for example political gatherings

In India non-benefit, non legislative / open beneficent organizations could be enlisted under NGO enlistment framework as trusts, social orders, or a private restricted non benefit organization, under segment 25 organizations. Enrolled Non-benefit organizations in India

(1) Work freely of the state;

(2) Are self-represented by a board/group of trustees or ‘administering panel’/ overseeing chamber, containing individuals who for the most part serve in a guardian limit;

(3) Create profits for others, fundamentally outside the participation of the association; and

(4) Are ‘non-benefit making’, in to the extent that they are precluded from dispersing a fiscal remaining to their own particular association parts.

NGO enrollment of Indian Non-legislative associations (Ngos) could be carried out under different Indian laws, and the distinctive lawful elements under which common social order associations can enroll themselves are:

1.  Registered Societies

2.  Public Trust

3.  Private Trust

4.  Non Profit Companies (Section 25)

5.  Co-Operative Societies

6.  Multi State Co-Operative Societies (MACTS)

7.   Trade Unions

8.    12a

9.   80g

10. FCRA

NGO enrollment of different sorts of Ngos in India require different enlistment shapes to be filled and submitted to different NGO enrollment business settings crosswise over India.

NGO stands for Non-Government Organization. Today there is a great deal of chance to do a considerable measure of work in Non-Government division. For this, the essential need is to enlist a NGO. We are 10 years of age Delhi based Ngo Consultancy which manages Ngo Registration, Trust Registration, Society Registration, 80g Registration, FCRA(foreign Contribution Regulation Act) Registration and Multi State Co-Operative Society Registration. Assuming that you are vehement about helping penniless individuals and is anticipating enlist your own particular NGO and begin living up to expectations, we can help you with that. You can call our helpline number 09899647455 to get all the necessary details you will need to register your NGO.